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The Company is a chain of popular indoor entertainment destinations with enormous potential to capitalize on industry growth. The Company’s centers offer an array of unique family gaming options. Games account for 90% of revenue; split equally between walk-in and reserved groups/birthday parties. The Company produces and services its own proprietary equipment, which gives it an edge over competitors and leads to lower total cost of ownership.
  • 762 active customers in 2021
  • 2 exclusive suppliers
  • Approved supplier to Walmart
  • 90% of annual revenue from repeat customers
  • Strong track record of recruiting and retaining high-quality talent
  • Decades-long, positive client relationships
  • Superior quality to price ratio
  • Extensive product offering caters to wide range of income brackets
  • Efficient supply and distribution chain
The Company provides film and event catering, branded pre-packaged snacks/meals, and disaster relief services in the form of both hot and prepackaged/non-perishable meals. The Company provides dining options to the public, catering to film crews, as well as for events and disaster relief. The Company operates an onsite eatery at one of the largest Film Studios in the country. The venue is a full-service, upscale buffet-style restaurant that also sells the Company’s branded line of healthy and flavorful foods packaged for takeout. The Company also operates a second commissary kitchen in a nearby state. The Company owns 50 pieces of mobile equipment for on-location catering, eight of which are mobile kitchens, enabling the Company to work on up to eight projects simultaneously. Each mobile kitchen can serve 300-2,000 people a day, depending on the menu.
Revenue: $19.5 million
EBITDA: $2.7 million
Patented Underlayment Manufacturer for Burgeoning Flooring Market
  • Recurring revenue from 12 key distributors
  • Strong utility patent portfolio
  • Proprietary production equipment
  • 272 active clients with service agreements
  • 70% of business with 3-5 year contracts
  • 99% of revenue from repeat customers
  • Only high-end player in major U.S. metropolis
  • 60-70% of business from referrals
  • 30% revenue from repeat clients
  • Key relationships with government agencies
  • Both owners willing to stay on post transaction
  • 13 Top Secret/SCI cleared personnel
  • 3,175 active customers in 2020
  • 37% of revenue from repeat customers
  • Exclusive Import Agreements with Spanish & Italian suppliers
  • Little or no customer concentration
  • Region with intense boating activity
  • Exclusive territorial agreements with 11 out of 21 manufacturers
Revenue: $9.9 million
EBITDA: $1.7 million
#1 Provider of Fluoropolymer-Lined Equipment in North America
  • 20 years of continuous profitability
  • 30% labor cost advantage at one facility
  • 94% of sales to repeat customers
  • 60% revenue from repeat clients
  • 3 trademarked and registered primary solutions
  • Government security clearances - multiyear contracts
  • 1,551 New Customers YTD 9/30/21
  • 79% of revenue from repeat customers YTD 9/30/21
  • Long-term relationships with key regional suppliers
The Company is the only worldwide manufacturer of components for a proprietary plastic capsule developed in conjunction with its largest customer, who owns the design patent. The capsule, designed to contain a sensor for continuous glucose monitoring, is responsible for the majority of sales. There are different versions of this product approved for sale in Europe and the US, as well as other versions currently in research and development for an expanded product line.

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