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Designer and Manufacturer of Access Control Solutions for Fortune 500 Clients – United States

Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to envisioning, researching, developing and manufacturing quality hardware, software and app solutions with a comprehensive installation and repair/support service offering, primarily in the security, self-service, financial, government, transportation, retail, hospitality, gambling, medical and education industries. The Company’s unique full-service offering of design, product development to support services offering has allowed the company to secure many sole source contracts.

Fast-growing Film & Event Catering Company with 5 Profitable Lines of Revenue – United States

The Company provides film and event catering, branded pre-packaged snacks/meals, and disaster relief services in the form of both hot and prepackaged/non-perishable meals. The Company provides dining options to the public, catering to film crews, as well as for events and disaster relief. The Company operates an onsite eatery at one of the largest Film Studios in the country. The venue is a full-service, upscale buffet-style restaurant that also sells the Company’s branded line of healthy and flavorful foods packaged for takeout. The Company also operates a second commissary kitchen in a nearby state. The Company owns 50 pieces of mobile equipment for on-location catering, eight of which are mobile kitchens, enabling the Company to work on up to eight projects simultaneously. Each mobile kitchen can serve 300-2,000 people a day, depending on the menu.

Precision Manufacturer of Small Parts for Medical, Aerospace and Electronics Industries with Stable Base of Loyal, Repeat Customers & Proven Tech-Enabled Production Processes – United States

The Company is the only worldwide manufacturer of components for a proprietary plastic capsule developed in conjunction with its largest customer, who owns the design patent. The capsule, designed to contain a sensor for continuous glucose monitoring, is responsible for the majority of sales. There are different versions of this product approved for sale in Europe and the US, as well as other versions currently in research and development for an expanded product line.

Fast-Growing Waste Management Solution Provider with 25 Valuable MSAs in Bakken Region – United States

Located in the second-largest oil producing state after Texas, the Company is a leading provider of portable toilet rentals, septic pumping, water delivery services and environmental services primarily for the O&G industry and commercial accounts. With a comprehensive array of 24/7/365 hazardous and non-hazardous waste management solutions, PEC-certified crews and a large fleet of diverse trucks, the Company has 25 blue chip MSAs expandable to any service area in the US. In addition, the Company benefits from a steady stream of referral business from competitors unable to meet customer’s needs.

Paradigm-Shifting Equipment Maker Disrupting Pizza & Middle Eastern Restaurant Markets – North America

The Company’s high-performing kitchen equipment allows restaurant and food distributors/processors to scale faster, manage peak service demand and make dramatically better tasting food in less time and more cost-effectively. With a brand new 53,000 s/f factory, the manufacturer of food service and processing equipment is knocking on the door of major growth as its state-of-the-art pizza and pita ovens shake up the thriving global pizza and Middle Eastern markets. Customers include Fortune 500 food processors & distributors, grocery stores, and family-owned and regional chains of pizzerias, fast-casual restaurants, bagel shops and bakeries throughout North America. In total, the Company anticipates selling to 450 customers in 2019, and currently holds a backlog of $2.6 million with average weekly sales orders of $226,364 YTD 9/20/19.

Niche National Executive Placement Firm with 50% EBITDA Margins -North America

The Company places skilled, management-level employees with mid-sized commercial construction and banking companies across most of the country. Interview to Placement Ratio is 4-1, twice the industry average of 8-1. Commercial construction accounts for about 70% of revenue; Banking/FinTech placements generate 30%. Titles for construction management range from CFO/Controller to Director of Operations and for FinTech/Banking range from Director of Business Operations and CIO to Business Intelligence Analyst. The Company has built a high-performance, cost-effective sales and marketing operation. An outsourced India-based research team has been in place for seven years and conducts both candidate and prospect searches. In addition, the Company has a growing database of 35,000+ prospective client contacts (adding 300-500 new potential client contacts every month) and 40,000+ contacts for job candidates (adding 200-300 new contacts every month

Fast-growing Fulfillment Service Provider for Brands with Auto-Renew Contracts and Proprietary Warehouse Platform – United States

The Company offers fulfillment services for e-commerce, drop-shipment, specialty stores, and department stores. The Company also provides full infrastructure services including office facilities, administrative and logistics services and accounting. Revenue is currently, evenly split among both service offerings. Clients include major U.S. and international manufacturers, distributors of consumer products and traditional retailers. Products include shoes, clothing, toys, appliances, housewares, fast fashion and more. The Company currently ships up to 5,000 packages daily in one shift from a 128,000 square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse situated near a major port and airport. Fulfillment services were added in 2017 and now account for half of the Company’s sales. All of the Company’s clients have contracts that range between one and three years and auto-renew. An average fulfillment contract in 2019 ranges between $7,500 to $150,000 per month and an average infrastructure package ranges between $5,000 and $30,000 per month.

Fast-Growing Wholesaler of Premium Natural Stone and Quartz with 250+ Channel Partnerships including IKEA and Lowe’s

One of the largest wholesale fabricators of natural stone and quartz countertops in its region, the Company is a full-service fabricator, with installation and service. The Company sells primarily to the trade through channel partners, with 8-10% of sales direct to homeowners. Efficiency experts with unparalleled insight and transparency into every detail of its operations, the Company outperforms their peers through end-to-end workflow and robotic technology that significantly minimizes waste. Stable, repeat business from a growing network of 250+ channel partners including IKEA and Lowe’s stores is driving business. The owner/founder is willing to retain minority ownership while the head of operations and former founding partner is prepared to assume day-to-day management.