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Heavy Haul Transportation & Erosion Control Service Provider with 400+ Commercial Clients – United States

The Company is a diversified specialty services provider offering oversized load transportation and erosion control and water cleanup. The Company has 409 active clients and long-term relationships with the majority of its key accounts. Management believes the Company is the #1 player in the U.S. over-dimensional loads market. The Company frequently moves equipment for one of the top global manufacturers of transformers and windmills, while erosion control clients include major regional construction companies.

World-class Provider of Engineering Solutions & Staffing for Telecom/Wireless Industry with Proprietary Operations & Management Software Suite – United States

The Company provides radio frequency engineering, RF regulatory services (EME/MPE), DAS/WiFi, Public Safety/FirstNet coverage and capacity solutions, E911 testing for carriers, site audits, project management, and complete network planning and migration services. Their premier client base includes the major U.S. wireless carriers, telecom equipment vendors, government entities, cell tower companies, global engineering firms, public venues and various enterprise clients. The Company has been doing business with key clients for 10+ years; with a high rate of annual repeat business from most under auto-renewing MSAs. Strategically positioned at the forefront of the 5G revolution, the Company is uniquely poised to win a significant share of this rapidly growing 5G market.

Award-Winning Leader in Decorative Terrazzo Floor Installations Serving Diverse Client Base – North America

The Company an award-winning flooring installer specializing in artistically created terrazzo, decorative concrete surfaces and Jewel Krete flooring. The Company’s work is installed in major airports, museums, cruise terminals, hotels, national chain retail stores and other commercial and government establishments, as well as upscale residential properties. Each original installation is the highest quality known in the industry. Working with licensed designs, the Company vividly renders them in terrazzo or other highly decorative flooring surfaces. Clients include some of the world’s leading architectural firms and general construction companies, as well as direct corporate and municipal clients. At any given point in time, the Company has about 70 active clients.

Coast-to-Coast Indoor Entertainment Centers with Proprietary Games and Equipment – North America

The Company is a chain of popular indoor entertainment destinations with enormous potential to capitalize on industry growth. The Company’s centers offer an array of unique family gaming options. Games account for 90% of revenue; split equally between walk-in and reserved groups/birthday parties. The Company produces and services its own proprietary equipment, which gives it an edge over competitors and leads to lower total cost of ownership.

Management Advisory Consulting Firm Serving Owners of Privately Held Companies Throughout the U.S. – United States

The Company fills a fundamental, compelling need by business owners for better financial visibility, strategic support and access to best-in-class domain expertise and educational resources to reach their business goals. The Company’s diverse IP portfolio includes a patented software application and numerous trademarks and copyrights on its books and other educational resources. The business model has demonstrated an ability to expand throughout the U.S. and offers an ideal synergy for a buyer targeting privately-held, mid-market companies.

Best-in-Class Provider of Global Strategic,Research& Consulting Services with Industry-Leading IP and Fortune 500 Client Base – North America

Through its various global decision support services, the Company provides strategic intelligence, insights and implications to many of the world’s largest companies-allanchored by primary researchand analysis. The Company maintains four core practice areas with specialized expertise. These include consumer and industrial goods, technology and financial services, healthcareand life sciences, and strategic planning/War Gaming consulting.The Company is known for its ability toarm clients with the tools, resources and infrastructure to make sound business decisions.

Industry Leading Film & Event Catering Company with 5 Profitable Lines of Revenue including Disaster Relief – United States

The Company provides film and event catering, branded pre-packaged snacks/meals, and disaster relief services in the form of both hot and prepackaged/non-perishable meals. The Company provides dining options to the public, catering to film crews, as well as for events and disaster relief. The Company’s operates an onsite eatery at one of the largest Studios in the country. The venue is a full-service upscale buffet style restaurant that also sells the Company’s branded line of healthy and flavorful foods packaged for takeout. The Company also operates a second commissary kitchen in a nearby state. The Company owns 24 vans for on-location catering, eight of which are mobile kitchens, enabling the Company to work on up to eight projects simultaneously. Each mobile kitchen can serve 300-2,000 people a day, depending on the menu.

National Provider of Damage Cost Recovery Services to Cable TV & Other Utilities – United States

The Company helps utility, cable and telecommunications companies recover the costs of repairing damages to outside facilities and replacing damaged infrastructure. Utility companies sign contracts with the Company for loss recovery services to be provided on a contingency basis. The Company sends investigative specialists to damage sites, where the investigator documents the damages and determines what party is responsible for them. Claim managers then contact the responsible party and begin the process of recouping any losses, backed up by an in-house legal team.