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25 years ago we planted the seed for a new kind of company — one that would disrupt the way mid-size businesses are sold.

Today, we continue to find a better way. We have proof the more buyers you go to, the more bids you’re going to get, the higher the price, the better the fit.

Our goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the future of the clients we serve.

We wrote the book on how to sell your business.


Contact Don Krier, Managing Director, 800-567-1119, 2225 Sheppard Ave. E. Suite 1403 Toronto, Ontario M2J 5C2.

For Companies $5 Million to $250 Million of Revenue

Ryan Ermeling, Stretch Internet talks about getting more buyers, more bids, higher price and a better fit.

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How We Get You More Buyers,
More Bids, Higher Price, Better Fit

  • Partners3 Partners with their team of experts work on every deal – Underwriting, Marketing & Closing
  • TimelineInnovative 150 Day Timeline Driven Auction establishes the Closing Date upfront
    • (After launch: 21-day Bid Acceptance Period)
  • UnderwritingUnderwriting in the first 30 days greatly reduces the odds of negative surprises
    • (Quality of Earnings Analysis included)
  • DatabaseProprietary database of 4,500 private equity groups and 350,000 strategic companies quickly identifies the greatest number of buyers
    • (Customized to 15,000 - 25,000 contacts per deal)
  • Video IconPowerful Marketing Video to Showcase Your Company
  • Management Meeting2–Day Management Meeting Training: Clients Learn Best Practices Selling their Business


  • We average 150 books (Offering Memorandums) out per deal
  • We receive on average 15 bids per deal
  • 75% of the time we sell our client’s business to a buyer they did not know
  • Our Management Meeting Training Gives Clients More Insight into What Buyers Are Looking For
  • Our Goal is to have the Highest Close Rate in M&A
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